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If you are left out of a will, or if you are left an insufficient amount, we can make a claim for you in England and Wales. This is called a Will Dispute or a Contested Probate.

As international lawyers, our Pacific Basin Service enables overseas residents to conduct a Will Dispute in England and Wales, working through our Australian office, all in your own time zone.

The work is arranged by Johansson Solicitors, and all court documents are filed through our London Firm and Agents.

We will quickly tell you whether we can offer you our No Win No Fee Plan*. If we cannot help you, you will not be charged a fee.

Our first meeting is free for the first half hour.

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What makes us unique

  • No upfront fees or out of pocket expenses
  • Free 30 minute consultation
  • Highly experienced Wills & Estate Lawyers
  • Claims pursued anywhere in the world
  • Easy to understand fee agreements
  • Honest and realistic assessments
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