A Will Dispute claim can deliver value to you

Usually we are able to recover enough to cover our fees and more, and you keep what is left over. After our fees are covered, the more that is paid by the Estate, the more you get!

Although we cannot comment on your own situation in this site, we can say that, in all our years of experience with hundreds of cases, in the majority of cases conducted by us for our clients, our clients have ended up with far more in their pocket at the end of the case, than we charged them for our legal fees.

We can only advise you of the amount you are likely to receive from making a claim, and what proportion would go on our fees, after we have made a full assessment of your own, individual case. So, ask us what we think! Make a claim.

Our Uplift Fee and CCA

When we prepare your account under the CCA, we will increase the Professional Fee Component by 25% (the Uplift Fee) to compensate us for having to wait until a settlement is reached, or until the case is decided by the court, before we can be paid.

It also compensates us for the risk that we take. The risk we take is that we may not recover all or any of our fees. Although we do our best to manage this risk, there is always the risk that there may not be enough in the estate to cover all our legal expenses, and despite the best of planning, the amount of an Award may not cover our Total Legal Costs.

If that happened, we would reduce our account to an amount equal to the amount of the Award.

"By signing the CCA this risk moves from your shoulders and onto ours."

Some calculations as to how the Uplift Factor works will all be set out in the CCA, which we would send to you to read before you sign it. We will also give you a worked example of how the CCA operates, when we open a file for you.

Under the laws of England and Wales, we will apply to have both some of the Uplift Fee and some of your legal fees to be paid by the Estate, and if this happens, any part of the Uplift Fee that is recovered will offset part to the Uplift Fee you must pay to Johansson Solicitors if you are successful. Find out if you're eligible.

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