Claiming assets that have been given away

If assets have been given away before the deceased died, or if assets are held in trusts, or they have passed to someone else who was a joint owner, the assets are not normally able to be claimed through a Will Dispute.

However, in England and Wales, special provisions can help bring these assets into your claim.

By using our expert knowledge, we can often cause the Court to treat these "Disposed Assets" as if they were still in the name of the deceased at the date of death.

These provisions may apply to:

We sometimes find that deceased people only leave a small Estate, because most of their wealth was not in their own name, making them "Disposed Assets".

If we find that the estate had been depleted by any of these types of disposals, we shall make every effort to get an order to treat these assets as if they were still owned by the deceased.

If we are successful in getting the order, this can greatly increase the pool of assets available to meet your claim.

We have built expert knowledge and experience. By using similar laws in New South Wales, we secured awards and costs for one of our clients that totalled almost One Million dollars ($1,000,000 Australian). Make a claim.

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