Legal costs explained

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When you have commenced a legal action, in this site you are called the Claimant.

The legal fees that all lawyers charge their clients should be set out in a fee agreement which their client would normally sign.

In addition to professional fees, the client would also need to pay any Disbursements, such as Court filing fees, barristers fees, lawyer/agent expenses etc, that the lawyer has paid on their behalf. Make a claim.

We offer our a No Win No Fee Plan to most of our clients

If you sign a fee agreement with Johansson Solicitors you will know exactly how our fees will be calculated.

If you sign up under our No Win, No Fee Plan*, you will only be charged a fee if you recover it from the Estate, and you will not have to outlay any fees from your own pocket.

You will however, have to pay your own airfares in the unlikely event that you would need to travel to England, but these expenses are normally claimed from the estate as part of your expenses. Find out if you're eligible.

"Pay as You Go": How most other lawyers will charge you

Most other solicitors will charge their client on a "pay as you go basis". With a Will Dispute, we usually offer you a No Win No Fee Plan*.

So, if you were a Will Dispute client with another law firm, one who does not use Johansson Solicitors, you may need to pay around $30,000 "up front", just to get the case going, and you would not have any guarantee that you will recover anything. You could even end up out of pocket.

Even if the claimant wins, the court will usually order that only about 60% of the claimant's legal costs be paid by the Estate because they "lost".

So, if you were a Will Dispute client with another law firm, one who does not use Johansson Solicitors, you would need to be prepared to pay the balance from your own pocket, whether you win or lose. This shortfall could often be up to 40% of your legal fees.

It is no surprise that with other lawyers, that many people are discouraged from commencing a claim because they are unable to risk facing a legal bill.

As a result, people can lose their rights, even though they have a good case, just because they do not have the money.

This is why we usually offer any of our clients who want to make a claim, our unique "No Win No Fee Plan"* plan, so that they will not need to fund our legal fees, or pay anything from their own pocket if they lose. Request a call back.

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