Our Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA)
sets out the terms of the plan

If we agree to work for you under our No Win, No Fee Plan*, we will offer to sign a Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) with you.

The most important terms are:

In the very unlikely event that that amount of the settlement monies payable under the Award was are not enough to cover our fees, we shall reduce our fees so that the total fee is equal to the settlement monies. This way you know that you would not need to pay us any money from your own pocket.

Whatever is left from the settlement monies, after we have taken our fees would go straight to you. We do not charge a percentage of the settlement amount.

If we recover nothing, for you we shall not charge you any fees.

In the unlikely event that you must travel to England you will need to pay your own travel expenses: every other expense including all fees payable to our London Agents in England are covered by the CCA. We would of course claim all of your expenses from the estate. Make a claim.

So remember:

In the most unlikely event that our Total Legal Expenses exceeded the amount you recovered from the Estate, we would reduce our fees to the amount you actually received from the Estate, so you would not be out of pocket. This is not likely to happen to you, as we always make a careful Formal Assessment of each claim before we start court proceedings, but it is good for you to know. Find out if you're eligible.

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