Johansson Solicitors: Service for you, wherever you live

Johansson Solicitors is especially set up to help the "long distance" client. For years, our Principal, has worked for clients from all over the world. He has worked overseas himself, and knows how you can feel, when you are so far away from England. Terry will do his best to feel that you are accessible to our staff.

We are skilled at looking after our clients, where-ever they live. We aim to give you the best service, so you should feel we are "just around the corner".

With our services tailored to suit the long distance clients, you do not need to meet with us personally to get the case going. Often we start, and try to meet up later, in a location near you, sometime during your case.

By dealing with us in Australia, you should be more easily deal with us at a convenient time, without having to bend to suit England's time zone.

You can also avoid having to travel to England to get things moving.

We can act for you, wherever you live, and wherever you must claim. Make a claim.

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